Mohawk dimensional Box  

Category: Promotional
Date: 10/2012
Customer: Mohawk and Kelly Paper
Description: 3D box design
Size: 4.5 x 4.5 x 4.5

This box was designed for a trade show give-away. The box is a Dimensional product of Mohawk that can be digitally printed then “ popped” out of the digital sheet.
View full details: box.pdf

USPS chart for Mohawk  

Category: Informational
Date: 10/2012
Customer: Mohawk
Description: Diagram explaining postal cost and regulations for Mohawk’s Specialty Digital Embedded product.
Size: 18 x 12

After working with the PCSC department of the US Postal Service through their office in Henrietta, NY, I established the different regulations and cost associated with the mailing of Mohawk’s Specialty Digital Embedded Magnet postcard. This chart was then distributed to customers and posted on Mohawk’s MakeReady website a reference guide.
Enlarge: postalchart.pdf

Seneca Park Zoo  

Category: Informational
Date: 2008
Customer: Seneca Part Zoo, Rochester, NY
Description: Sign system for the various displays at the zoo.
Size: Signs were of varying size from 24 x 48 to 7 x 5. This poster is 24 x 48

Informational signs to be displayed throughout the zoo. All signs followed a design system of colors and layout.
View other elements of program: zoo.pdf


Category: Illustration
Date: 1998-present
Customer: various
Description: Pastel, pen, color pencil to create illustrative additions to other design elements and digital.
Size: various

These samples in this link display my illustration style using many different media. This collection of samples were created for freelance client work, various past employers or for self promotion. All rights reserved.
View all styles: illustration.pdf



Date: 2007
Customer: Party City, Rockaway, NJ
Description: Variable postcard product used on e-commerce website
Category: Marketing
Size: 7.5 x 5.5

This Variable Data design is part of a system of postcards offered on an e-commerce website developed for Party City franchises owners to be able to create and mail personalized post cards to a purchased mailing list. The post cards have either a coupon, map or general information depending on what options on the site the franchises owner chooses. The mail panel is automatically filled with their mailing information. The franchises is was also able to purchase a targeted mailing list in-line as they created their mail program. The post cards were designed by Party City in accordance to their current marketing and branding. I then created the e-commerce site and all variable options using XMPie uStore products. There were 48 postcard designs which switch per season.
View more aspects of this program: partycity.pdf


Date: 2003 to present
Customer: Various
Description: Logo design that was either a stand-alone or part of a branding system.
Category: Marketing
Size: various

Throughout my design career, I was commissioned to design logos for a variety of customers. Some of these designs were part of a brand identity program while others were commissioned work.
View other examples: logos.pdf


Date: 2007
Customer: Party City
Description: Printed tri-fold with instructions of how to use e-commerce site that was distributed to Party City franchises owners.
Category: Marketing
Size: flat - 11.75 x 5.5, folded to 3.75 x 5.5

This tri-fold was meant as a quick reference guide as customers used the site.
Expanded view: usermanual.pdf

ArtisanWorks Brochure  

Date: 2011
Customer: ArtisanWorks, Rochester, NY
Description: “Sister City brochure” which was the Museum’s brochure
Category: Marketing
Size: flat - 11.5 x 11.75 , folded - 8.75 x 11.75

This brochure was to promote ArtisanWorks by showing beautiful images along with creative writing. I have taken most of the images unless otherwise tagged. I also was responsible for writing the content based on previously written documentation and interviews of the owners. This brochure was first produced in 2009, then reprinted with this 2011 version. This document is still being used today.

As a result of this project, I was also asked to re-design their website. I was creative director and designer . Site execution was done by Red Beagle Web Development, Ross Bracco.
View full brochure: awbrochure.pdf


Date: 2011
Customer: Bravo Digital Solution
Description: Logo design and brand identity program
Category: Marketing
Size: various

This is the 2011 re-branding of Bravo Digital Solutions. I have included the previous two brand logos to show the transitions. This system included logos, marketing collateral, sample program books and web-based designs.
Enlarge: brandingBRAVO.pdf

Dialogue in Design - Vignelli  

Date: 2008
Customer: Student work while attending Master Graphic Design Workshop - Dialogue in Design held at Les Moulin des Trois Arcs, Provence/Côte d’Azur, France
Description: Logo and marketing collateral for the Maeght Foundation in St. Paul-de-Vence, France
Category: Educational
Size: flat - 11.75 x 5.5, folded to 3.75 x 5.5

The participants in this classroom setting we assigned to develop a new brand identity for the Maeght Foundation which included a logo, stationary, a brochure and an informational booklet. Instruction was given by Massimo Vignelli, Armando Milani and R. Roger Remington.
View full brochure: dialogue.pdf

denise lowery  

Date: 2010
Customer: Wilmorite Marketing - Eastview Mall in Victor, NY
Description: Variable mail piece announcing Anthropology’s opening
Category: Marketing
Size: flat - 11 x 11 (mailed flat)

This uniquely sized variable data mailer included not only the recipient's information but driving directions from their location.
Expand: mailer.pdf

Cross Media by Denise Lowery  

Date: 2009
Customer: Media
Description: Diagram outlining a multi-channel marketing plan
Category: Informational
Size: 24 x 18

This diagram was used for many presentations outlining how variable data printing and cross-media campaigns can work for any market including the EDUCATIONAL vertical market.
Expand: crossmediachart.pdf

Denise Lowery  

Date: 2011
Customer: Mohawk and West Coast Paper
Description: Multi-Channel program
Category: Marketing
Size: various

This program included three print piece: Mohawk Specialty Digital Embedded card, and two Mohawk Synthetic pieces. The program also included three email inviting the recipients to an event and a PURL to register for the event. There was also a storefront for the recipient to create personalized bookmarks that were distributed during the event. Then, lastly, there was a follow up “thank you” email communications. My responsibilities were to plan out the program as well as execute print production and web communications. Lisa House from Williams and House. Avon, CT, was the copy editor and Jennifer Wilkerson from Aurora Design, Niskayuna, NY was the designer. I build all emails and websites based on the base print designs. The event was June 7, 2012. There was 86 recipients on the data list, 57 opened email communications, 21 RSVP on the website and 30 attended.

This campaign outline was used several other times for either to announce an event or to communicate with customers that fell within this Educational vertical market.
View full program:program1.pdf

Denise Lowery  

Date: 2012
Customer: Mohawk
Description: Multi-Channel program
Category: Marketing
Size: various

This program included five phases, three of which were completed in 2012 - two will be completed by 3/2013. Phase 1 was Mohawk Synthetics; Phase 2 was Mohawk Pressure Sensitive; Phase 3 was Mohawk Magnetics. Each phase included a personalized brochure which had “press sheet” samples of the products we were promoting in that phase. This brochure was within an envelope then placed in a bubble wrap envelope with a personalized label attached - all utilizing the various Mohawk product lines. Along with this mailing, each recipient received several emails inviting them to participate in “Substrate Stump” - a fun interactive question game which asked questions answered in the mailed piece. The first 50 responders received a special Mohawk sample pack and were entered into two different drawings for substantial prizes - prize one was an all expense paid trip to Graph Expo in Chicago 2012 - the other was $1000 worth of Mohawk product. The last segment of each phase was printed material such as banners, trade ads and interactive ads for web-based marketing.

My role was to add the variable elements and build the web-based functions. As campaign manager, I was responsible for coordinating all elements and phases. I was also responsible for analyzing the data, cleansing the data and tracking all progress of each element and phase. I was also on the creative team for development and proofing.

The brochures were printed and assembled by Sandy Alexander Inc., Clifton, NJ. They also printed one press sheet per mailing on their Indigo printer. Each press sheet was printed on a different digital press to show print quality using various presses. Other printers included (but not limited to) were Cohber Press Inc., Rochester, NY. The design was developed by Roberts Communications, Rochester, NY.

This package has won a 2012 Silver ADDY's award!

View full program: One2one.pdf


Date: 2008
Customer: ImageNow / Tauck Travel
Description: Outlining the planning phases of a proposed Tauck trip
Category: Marketing
Size: flat - 11 x 8.5 - used mostly as a visual with in presentations

As we proposed a new variable travel itinerary package, this diagram outlined how the new program would address the “dark” periods that a traveler would experience prior to their journey. We were proposing other communications prior and post- trip to incorporate Variable Data Publishing as well as multi-channel elements.
Enlarge: taucktimeline.pdf


Date: 2012
Customer: Mohawk
Description: Pre-trade show communication for DRUPA 2012
Category: Marketing
Size: email / PURL - 700

This program included emails and a PURL to let Mohawk customers worldwide know that Mohawk would be at DRUPA 2012 and where their booth would be located. The recipients were asked when they planned on attending the exhibition and if they would like to set up an appointment.

There were two sets of communications - one in English and one in German.

GERMAN: 2319 emails sent, 490 opened the email (21% opened rate), 33 hits to the PURL – 29 RSVP

ENGLISH: (USA and Asia): 4192 emails sent, 1057 opened the email (25% open rate), 34 hit PURL – 27 RSVP

Many more came to the booth and commented on the communications.
View full program:: drupa.pdf

Dialogue in Design 2  

Date: 2011
Customer: Student work while attending Master Graphic Design Workshop - Dialogue in Design held at RIT in Rochester, NY
Description: Poster for the George Eastman House
Size: flat - 22 x 16.75 - folded three times to 11 x 9

This poster was a student project as we developed a new brand identity program for the George Eastman House in Rochester, NY. The assignment details were to use this layout and include a calender of movies in the work. Part of the brand identity was to include a graphic element other than type - the film strip becomes this element.
Expand: eastmanhouse.pdf


Date: 2012
Customer: Mohawk and Clampitt Paper
Description: Multi-channel program inviting recipients to an event
Size: various

This program included three mailings, four emails, a PURL and a follow up email. The first mailing was on Mohawk Specialty Digital Magnet card, second was a table tent printed on Mohawk Specialty Digital Synthetic material and the last was printed on Mohawk Specialty Digital Card... Each also included a different envelope which was also part of the Mohawk line-up of products. One unique feature of this program was that the emails and PURLs contained driving directions from the recipients address to the event. The last mailer displayed a variable map that was from each of the recipients address to the event. Many came to the event with this in their hands.

Besides campaign manager on the project, I was also designer for all elements - both print and web-based.

450 direct mail recipients, 211 with valid emails, 122 opened their email (58% open rate), 80 hits to the PURL from both emails and mail pieces, (18% hit rate from all recipients), 41 RSVPed through the purl, 258 attended the event.
View full program: Clampitt.pdf

Metapaper Email program  

Date: 2012
Customer: Mohawk and Metapaper, Germany
Description: bi-weekly newsletter emails in German
Size: email - 690

These email communications were directed to Metapaper European customers. They were designed and copy written by Metapaper. I worked with a template that they provided and dropped in there provided graphics and text. The challenge came with proofing the German content. I worked with the Metapaper team directly using emails and Skype conferences. These were very successful and they will continue to use this form of communications throughout 2013. They were having up to 60 - 70% open rates on these emails.
Enlarge: Metapaper.pdf




Date: 2009 - 2011
Customer: Bravo Digital Solutions
Description: Sample books for Digital Substrates
Size: 5.5 x 9

Sample books for all Digital Substrates offered by Bravo. There are two books in this file showing the same publication re-branded. I was creative director and designed all elements as well as managed the printing and production of both sample books. The covers in both series were designed to be variable to several merchants as well. This element will be shown in the full fine.

View entire black/red sample book: BRAVOsampleBR.pdf

View entire orange sample book: BRAVOsampleoriginal.pdf

PowerPoint Cross Media  

Date: 2012
Customer: Mohawk and Metapaper/Germany
Description: PowerPoint Presentation given to Metapaper on Cross Media
Size: 11 x 8.5

I created this presentation to demonstrate to Metapaper representatives what Mohawk's cross media capabilities are and how we have used the XMPie software in the past. This is also an excellent example of my presentations skills.

File to DOWNLOAD: PowerPoint_presentation_on_Variabe_Programs.ppt


Date: 2013
Customer: self
Description: Illustration for upcoming poster. Adobe Photoshop
Size: 24 x 24

This is an exploratory as I learn new techniques with the Adobe Suite of Software

Expand: CarianneBlain.tif

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